Textual Scripture Studies


5 Sermons

Genesis by John Fichtner- Series Overview


This series has 5 teachings.

In this first sermon Pastor John shares about the significance of our weaknesses.

The second sermon Pastor John discusses the events that occurred in Genesis 1 thru 11.

The third sermon Pastor John discusses in chapters 12 thru 23, the life of Abraham.

The fourth sermon Pastor John discusses the significance of Jacob’s limp.

The fifth sermon Pastor John discusses the sin of passive compliance.


14 Sermons


4 Sermons

The Story of Joseph is a fascinating dramatic emotional story! It is a story about all of us. It’s a story about Gods gracious patience in the epic battle between our own desires and finding the heart of our God. Joseph was prideful and arrogant, but it was in his jail, cell chained to the floor, after being sold into slavery and blackmailed where God permeated his heart. From that moment on his sole purpose for living was to bestow Gods love on others. He found contentment in prison. He walked away from the fabricated worth in his title and high positions, and found his worth in God.


3 Sermons

Exodus by John Fichtner – Series Overview

Introduction to the most powerful man in the Old Testament – law giver, writer, founder, leader, child of a slave, son of a queen - Moses Get reoriented on the true picture of law and grace by examining one of the top five happenings in the Bible - The giving of the Law. Overview of the Tabernacle and how to apply it to your life


1 Sermon


2 Sermons


1 Sermon

Deuteronomy by John Fichtner – Series Overview

A panoramic view of the book of Deuteronomy that helps us look to the end of life.



5 Sermons

Joshua by John Fichtner – Series Overview

This remarkable series on Joshua is life changing. Pastor John teaches us how to become victorious Christians through the significance of speaking continual blessings, overcoming flesh patterns, discovering the power of binding and loosing your tongue, and walking in bold faith.


2 Sermons

Samson (2015)

3 Sermons


1 Sermon

Ruth by John Fichtner – Series Overview

The book of Ruth is a picture of being healed from grief. It is a story of Love, Loyalty, Grief, Restoration and Redemption.

1 Samuel

2 Sermons

1 Samuel by Pastor John Fichtner - Series Overview


What’s your life message? Learn how to recognize if you’re living a rich, powerful, faith-filled, blessed “Hear God” life like Samuel or if you’re unknowingly living a life of “Fear and Destruction” like Saul.

1st Samuel (2019)

36 Sermons

1 Samuel (in-depth)

37 Sermons

2 Samuel

3 Sermons

2 Samuel by Pastor John Fichtner – Series Overview


Does it matter if we bring our wounding(s) to God, ignore certain patterns in our life, or even if we easily repent? These three sermons will answer these questions by surveying certain events in King David’s life.  

1 & 2 Kings

4 Sermons

1 & 2 Kings Series by Pastor John Fichtner –Overview


The first sermon in this series helps us understand biblical prosperity and the importance of avoiding family strife. The remaining sermons give insights into understanding God’s heart of mercy and recognizing His involvement in our loneliness, discouragement, and our gut wrenching trauma. 

Elijah and Elisha

6 Sermons

1 & 2 Chronicles

2 Sermons


2 Sermons


5 Sermons


6 Sermons

verse-by-verse study


2 Sermons

Job by Pastor John Fichtner – Series Overview

Job’s story is one of trials and humility. Job had every facet of his life tested by Satan and every test was allowed by God. His life is a reminder that every interaction of our lives is Father filtered. 


1 Sermon

This series has 1 sermon. This sermon is part of an overview of the Old Testament series.

Psalms was written to validate the soul’s need to express things emotionally – sometimes beyond logic and intelligence. This single sermon overview will express the purpose of Psalms and encourage you to call forth a bigger river of God’s joy, peace, calmness, clarity, wisdom, and truth in your own life. 

Psalms 23 (2020)

4 Sermons

Psalms (in-depth)

22 Sermons

Psalms 1, 2, 3, 8, 19, 22-24, 37, 39, 51, 55, 73, 84, 89, 90, 91, 103, 131, 149


3 Sermons

This series has 3 sermons.

Proverbs are meant to expand your life and make you rich! Through the use of similes, contrasts, and rebukes, Proverbs is here to give you wisdom in various situations in life, from pornography and adultery, to parenting and walking in truth. This brief overview of the book of Proverbs will make you hungrier for God – hungry for more of His wisdom and understanding, and to know the WHY behind God’s will for your life.


6 Sermons

Ecclesiastes by Pastor John Fichtner – Series Overview


This six sermon series exposes the emptiness of the soul, Solomon’s personal reflections of living life apart from God in the areas of wisdom, pleasure, work, politics, and his realization of true fulfillment in old age. 

Song of Solomon

1 Sermon

Song of Solomon Overview by Pastor John Fichtner


Song of Solomon teaches us several important truths. This series helps us understand how Jesus passionately loves us, that romantic love and gushiness is from God. Romantic love is to be shared at the right time, and the importance of keeping children from awaking to love too early.



12 Sermons

Isaiah 53

7 Sermons

Isaiah 61

40 Sermons


3 Sermons


1 Sermon


9 Sermons

Jonah (2018)

4 Sermons


3 Sermons

The Gospel of Luke

10 Sermons

Luke - Vol. 1

24 Sermons

Luke - Vol. 2

23 Sermons

Luke - Vol. 3

21 Sermons


21 Sermons


21 Sermons

1st Corinthians 13

20 Sermons


9 Sermons

II Timothy

6 Sermons

The Book of James

10 Sermons


10 Sermons


11 Sermons