Warm Welcome to Liberty Class

Relationships MATTER!

I don’t want to be a NUMBER in a church.

I am a VALUED PERSON to Jesus and I want that to be most strongly represented in my church family!

We believe that taking the TIME to get to know each person individually and building friendships, while graciously talking through any questions are the ways to show how much we treat each person as a precious individual.

Here is the structure of our Welcome to Liberty Class.

We have a maximum of 6-8 people who meet with the Co-Pastors of their service – DURING the service on the fourth weekend of each month to make it easy and convenient for your schedule.

Your children are served in the nursery and children’s church during this time.

The class of 6-8 people meets with the Co-Pastors two times.

This gives the Co-Pastors 3 hours over two months to start a true friendship with this small group of people.

Before the Class

We ask every person to read our Four Core Values section link to make sure they are comfortable with the values and heart of our church.

During the Class

Generally a class spends 30-45 minutes answering any questions about the Four Core Values.

Most of the three hours is spent getting to know each person, learning about their personality gifts and the different calls from God on their lives.

You finish this class prayed over and received into membership at Liberty Church.

You also leave with the start of a great friendship with your Co-Pastors and the 5-7 other people in your class.