5 Researching Jesus Studies

Resources for Researching Jesus

The sermon series below are resources you can use as you investigate Jesus.
This series takes the four gospels and combines them into one chronological seamless timeline and covers every detail of the last 24 hours up to the cross from multiple perspectives of what was happening legally from the Roman and the Jewish perspective, what was happening politically, what happened to Jesus physically and medically, where they were geographically, what was said in the five different trials and why. It is a clinical breakdown of the facts of the story leading up to the cross that allows you to separate out religion and just look at Jesus and the cross from multiple angles..
This series deals with the hard questions that I could NOT find answers to in other world religions. If God is GOOD then everyone goes to heaven. If God is the JUST JUDGE then everyone deserves to be condemned because everyone has billions of times of being selfish in motive, thought, word and actions. Every religion says that God is both GOOD and the JUST JUDGE but they don’t solve this impossible equation. This is a series that simply explains Christianity logically.
This may be the most life changing of all the series. In these two sermons we cover the history of the Old Testament and all of the blood sacrifices. We then study some of the medical properties of blood and tie all of that into the New Testament promise that we can be clean and can enter directly into God’s presence pure and forgiven by the blood of Jesus.
Answers the question: “Why would a loving God create an eternal Hell?” Brings points such as:
  1. Three times God has or will have rebellion in a perfect world.
  2. Love requires free will. Free will requires choice. Three times that choice was wrong. Thus, the two things of knowing the goodness of God and knowing the evil and emptiness of selfishness, does a person have to understand both to walk with God?
  3. Isaiah say that God will always keep on expanding his kingdom and keep creating which means that there may be millions of more sentient species created.
  4. Revelation promises no more pain and rebellion. How does Hell guarantee this?